Why You Should Be Working With Us

We are marketing-driven image makers. In fact, we started out as marketers…branding, PR, advertising…building awareness and grabbing the attention of our target audience. Now we put that experience to work for our clients as we create videos and images that are cleaner, edgier, more modern. They have stopping power!

ZOOM ImageWorks was founded by a former marketing executive from the pharmaceutical industry. His diverse background plays a big role in our ability to understand and serve your business. Early in his career, he leveraged a background in electrical engineering and computer science as a base for marketing technology to top companies around the world.  His ability to quickly understand and utilize technology and  to match client needs to the right solutions is why we are able to create visual content that cuts through the clutter to reach your audience.

That business experience enables us to bring you more advanced services that you might not expect from a photography company. Services include video marketing strategies, website development, Search Engine Marketing (AdWords, Facebook Advertising), social media analysis and other support to help you grow your business.

We understand how important it is to have a constant flow of content for use in marketing, especially social media marketing. You need to keep your brand top of mind. A steady flow of content is critical. Along with our other support services, we can help you analyze and measure your social media channels. You can better understand what’s working and then do more of it!