At ZOOM ImageWorks our goal is to make great visual content for your business. We create video, still photos and mixed media content that connects with your audience…taking them inside your brand to raise awareness and build relationships.

Content is king! Everyone needs photos and video for video marketing, social media, website portfolios, professional headshots, printed material, promotional campaigns, corporate events, incentive travel and more. We know that you need a constant flow of quality content, customized for your audience. We want to help you keep that flow going! 

Commercial content for your business

Commercial content for your business

FAA Certified Drone Operations

FAA Certified Drone Operations

Onsite photo and video coverage

Onsite photo and video coverage

ZOOM ImageWorks creates visual content to drive business and build a following. We combine stills, video and motion graphics with solid marketing practices to create content that you can use across platforms and throughout a campaign. 

A key focus in today's businesses is on building social media followers. This requires constant streaming of content. We develop content in a way that enables you to leverage it over time and across platforms. We know that it's also a challenge to get support for your social strategy, which is why we can even help you analyze and measure your social channels, work with you on your video marketing strategy and even run AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns. You're not likely to get that from other visual production companies.

Visual Content Creation

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We create

Video Marketing Content & Strategy

Corporate Overview Videos

Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Videos

Social Media Promo Videos

Aerial/Drone Cinematography

Lifestyle Photos & Videos

Professional Head Shots

Product Spotlight Videos

Testimonial Videos

Portfolio Photos

Video Production & Video Marketing

Video marketing is especially critical today. We help small and mid-size companies build their video library with scalable production services. Check out some examples of how you can use video to build your business

Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Videos

Customers love looking behind the curtain. It connects them to the real you. BTS is also a great way to show what's coming. We all like a backstage pass. Use BTS videos to give an insider's look at your business. Show customers what makes you different.

Corporate Overview Videos

Corporate overview describing the company and business in a short video. Customers get to know you and feel more comfortable with their buying decisions. Corporate videos are critical for any business today. More and more customers are finding companies by searching for video online.

Promo or Teaser Videos

Promo teasers are short videos that are great for announcements, calls to action and other promotion. They can be formatted for social media or websites. Keep the flow of content moving out to your audience.

Product Spotlight Videos

Product spotlight videos can be invaluable. Raise capital, explain usage, before-you-buy demonstrations. Video can be used to showcase your products and services. Show how things work. Show what goes into making your product or delivering your service. Video marketing is so important in creating brand awareness.

Take your story to "new heights" (we couldn't help it). We are proud to be one of the first drone pilots in the country certified by the FAA under regulation 14 CFR part 107, required to operate drones for commercial use.

Video marketing changes the game for your business. Using aerial video and photography takes it even further! We are FAA certified drone cinematographers with an eye for marketing your business. Trust us to get the shots that will grab your audience.

Our insured and experienced drone team is available for

  • Aerial cinematography - create stunning views and angles previously impossible to achieve
  • Site inspections/construction - progress tracking, before/after photos, portfolio, 3D aerial models
  • Field Research - fly overs of hard-to-reach locations, site surveys, documentary

We have editing capabilities for photos and video and can incorporate motion graphics into your project. Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot - Raritan, New Jersey

More aerial images

ZOOM ImageWorks provides photography and video services for incentive travel and corporate destination meetings and events.

We travel with your group and artistically capture the action and atmosphere. Learn more here...or contact us for information.