Visual Content Creators

At ZOOM ImageWorks we create visual content for your business. We create video content and photos that connect with your audience…taking them inside your brand to raise awareness and build trust and long-term relationships.

We provide stills and video for video marketing, incentive travel, social media, company websites, marketing material, promotional campaigns, corporate events and more. We know that you need a constant flow of quality content, customized for your audience. We want to help you keep that stream going! 

We aspire to be one of the top photo and video production companies and your first choice for quality content!


Incentive Travel

Photography & video to capture

and share the adventure


Photography & video content

to market your business


Photography & video for events, meetings,

marketing material, leadership bios & websites


Photography & video content

for social media


We specialize in photo and video content for business. Whether you're a large global company or a brand of one, our focus is on helping you promote your business. 

ZOOM ImageWorks creates visual content to drive business and build a following. We combine stills, video and motion graphics with solid marketing practices to create content that you can use across platforms and throughout a campaign. 

ZOOM ImageWorks is based in Bridgewater, NJ, near New York City (NYC). We produce corporate video, social media photos and social media videos. We are corporate incentive travel photographers and corporate headshot photographers. 

Today, drone photography and video is a standard part of visual content. We are FAA certified for commercial drone operations. 

Go straight to our video page to learn more about using video in your business and to see our portfolio.

Our creators include

  • Corporate video producers

  • Corporate head shot photographers

  • Commercial photographers

  • Video marketers

  • Social media photographers

  • FAA Certified Aerial & drone photographers

  • FAA Certified Aerial & drone cinematographers

  • Incentive travel photographers

  • Corporate meeting & event photographers

Creative and artistic visuals set your business apart

Creative and artistic visuals set your business apart

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